My First Lunch Date Testimonial!

November 20, 2009

Have lunch in Vegas with Angela!

Have lunch in Vegas with Angela!

One of the biggest joys I still get to experience from my days as an adult film star is to meet my fans for lunch dates. Learn more here about the experience here, and read up on what others have said about their time with me in my blog’s new testimonial category. With no further ado, here is the first fan submission. Thank you, Rob!

“I had the great pleasure of meeting Angela when I was on a business trip to Las Vegas. Angela is an incredible hostess; her knowledge of Las Vegas is endless with her always knowing the best restaurants and shops to go to either on or off the Strip. Her beauty is only surpassed by her charm and ability to put you at ease.  Even at our first meeting she made me feel like we were old friends.

Angela is one of the most incredible women I have the privilege of calling my friend.  Not only is she amazingly beautiful with her dazzling smile and playful eyes but her sense of humor, playfulness, kindness, grace, sense of detail & planning (she always has a schedule!) and wit will simply blow you away! Seeing her is always one of my highlights in any trip to Las Vegas.” – Rob R. | Miami, FL

Why Angela Summers?

I have been a fan of Adult Films since the late 70′s. My first exposure came when I was in the military. Just a bunch of horny young guys camped out in the woods in Germany, playing war games for Uncle Sam. We would sit around a tent stove, drinking beer, and showing 8mm movies on a sheet against the tent wall. It was a great diversion that we looked forward to every night.

Over the years I remained connected through 8mm films, VHS and Beta Max, DVD’s, and the internet. From the 70′s until today I have viewed quite a few films. Along the way there were a few actresses that I would classify as favorites.  Each decade seemed to bring more and more beautiful women into the adult industry. Some made a big splash, whiloe others disappeared quickly. Some, like Nina Hartley, have displayed awesome staying power. Some were memorable for specific talents, and a select few were simply marvelous no matter what the scene called for.

To be sure, there were actresses that I would watch, no matter what scene or film they appeared in. These ladies were the best of the best. They inspired countless dreams and fantasies. You probably all know their names; Seka, Ashlyn Gere, Angela Summers, Jenna Jameson, Nina Hartley. The who’s who of adult actresses. Now if you pressed me tp pick my all time favorite, well……..hands down it would be Angela Summers.

Why Angela Summers? Ok we can argue here about best ass, nicest breasts, prettiest face, even about legs, eyes, and smile. All of these things are attributes which can be changed, or enhanced over the course of time. I’ve spotted changes in hair color, eye color, breast size, weight gain and loss and even improved dental appearances over my years of watching films.

But there is an intangible something that cannot be enhanced by a surgeon’s scalpel or tweaked with diets and exercise. There is a certain something that transcends the camera lens. You can’t buy it, rent it, or borrow it. ( If you ain’t got it, you ain’t gonna get it ).

Angela Summers has it. She has it to spare. It didn’t matter what film, what scene, or who she worked with, it was ever present and could not be controlled. I often wonder if Angela herself was aware of it. When the camera was rolling, I always had the impression that Angela was performing just for me. The other person(s) in the scene quickly disappeared, and it was just Angela and me, just our own little private sessions. Fantasy? To be sure, but it never seemed to be my fantasy as I sat and watched. It always seemed to be her fantasy that she was drawing me into. Never felt that before she came on the scene, and haven’t felt it since she stopped performing.

When she left adult films, it was like a relationship ending. It was like the break up of your “best sex ever” relationship. The one you never quite get over. The one you still dream about. The one you hold out hopes of picking up again, right where you left off.

So thank you to Angela for all those times you pulled me through the camera to spend those amazing minutes with you. Thanks for letting me feel that you were doing it just for me.

If I ever meet you in person I’ll be tempted to say, “Hey do you remember that time that we………..”

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1 mike April 26, 2010 at 11:28 am

Hi Angela. I would like to do a lunch date and will be willing to pay a substantial fee just to chat with you in person. Yes that is how a big a fan I am. Where can I set up this meeting and how early are you available?


2 martin November 26, 2010 at 7:05 am

huge fan here….would love to meet up sometime

3 Phil December 9, 2010 at 1:22 am

Hi Angela I wrote this morning for a lunch date, its more of a confirmation.

4 Phil January 10, 2011 at 3:33 am

Angela is a class act, barred none, I met her in the Paris Hotel and we ate Mon Ami Gabi is one of her favorite places to eat it was very nice, I have been fan of hers for either 18 or years this was my first time I met her, we have been writing each other for years. Thank you Angela I will come back to see you for a lunch date.

5 Steve Cleveland February 2, 2011 at 10:28 pm

Hi Angela,

I will be in Vegas next month and would like to meet you. Please provide me with the details.

Best Regards


6 Michael James March 11, 2011 at 1:04 am

would love you have a drink with you , im actually in Vegas now.


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