Ask Angela: Wild Goose Chase

December 17, 2009

Who wouldn't chase Angela's ass?

Who wouldn't chase Angela's ass?

Q: Hi Angela! You still look frickin’ fabulous. I recently bought “Wild Goose Chase” on DVD which the adult film database lists as your very first X-rated film. Is that actually true? Is your first scene in WGC the very first time you’d ever performed in any kind of adult film? – John Sampson | Madison, Wisconsin

Angela: Yes, Wild Goose Chase was the first adult film I was in. I was scheduled to have sex with Joey Silvera and surprisingly – was not nervous at all.  I actually couldn’t wait to have sex in front of dozens of people (it was a large crew, since it was shot on film…most adult movies are shot on video).  I guess you can call me a exhibitionist – Someone that likes everyone watching me even when it comes to having sex! But don’t take my word for it, here’s a very favorable review of my performance…

“After Julianne disappears, her mother seeks the help of a PI played by Joey Silvera. The poor woman doesn’t have enough money, but when she mentions that he had been recommended by a former employee, Joey is intrigued. He flashes back, remembering the girl, played by Angela Summers. She has no skills to speak of and can’t get his name right, but one look at her bent over and Joey has her on the payroll before you can say Clarence Thomas. Joey is totally obsessed with Angela’s incredible ass and can hardly contain himself.

I have always said that if I could fuck one porn chick in her prime, Angela Summers would be a top five choice for sure. She lets him play with her and then mounts his cock, sticking her sexy ass way out as she bounces. When she dismounts, Angela uses one hand to rub her pussy while she fills her beautiful face with cock. She plays the pretty tease quite well, making him beg her to put her finger into that untouchable asshole of hers. They fuck some more and then Angela jerks him off right into her pretty face. After cleaning him off, she uses her position of power to try and get a raise and then break his heart by walking out the door.”

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