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March 2011

This question comes up a lot. It doesn’t offend me, as many former (and current) adult stars will spend “special time” with their fans for a fee. Hate to disappoint you, boys and girls, but I am not one of them – nor have I ever been. I’m not judging! Escorting is just not a revenue stream I am personally comfortable with. I’m reminded of a remarkable email I got several months ago which I just have to share…

angela-summers-wantedQ: “Hi Angela Summers. I just got your email on the internet. I’m a multimillionaire fan in his early 30s who built a great wealth early in his career, right after College. I’m tall, clean single and polite and I thought it wouldn’t hurt me to pay 30,000 dollars for a 3 hours session with you. Let me be clear, this is a very serious offer. I don’t know if you escort or not but I find it as a challenge and a unique experience to get a session with you. You don’t have to accept my offer but please write me back with an answer. If you accept my offer, I will send all my references, credentials and every info you need…and from there we can get this 3 hours session going. In case you want to set your own conditions, I will be open to hearing them.”

Angela: Thank you for your offer… but I do not do escorting. If you would like to meet up for a lunch date, please email me back. It is a great way to get to know each other. And you can ask me all the questions you ever wanted to know. Plus see me up close and personal.

Although I was beyond flattered by this generous offer (wow) it isn’t and never will be a possibility. Meeting me in person for a lunch date, however, is an option I am happy to offer and always enjoy. Head on over the the “Meet Angela” page if you’d like to get together in person. You can leave the 30K at home. Smile

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