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Angela Summers' Official Blog

Angela Summers' Official Blog

Where are they now?” I’m right here, silly!

To say I’m excited to be back online with my own website would be the understatement of the year. The simple fact is – I miss my fans! It is wonderful to be able to bring you all a new way to interact with me, give you access to classic and brand new photos/videos and much more. The site will have a paid members area, but I also want the public side to be just as interesting and you can look forward to video blog posts, brand new photos and other peeks into my wonderful life.

I have been living in Las Vegas for the last few years and life is good. I have maintained a snail mail-based fan club during that time but friends and fans alike kept telling me to relaunch my web presence – so here I am. Back and better than ever! The website will allow you to send me email. That’s right, me – not my webmaster. The emails go right to my inbox and I’ll more than likely reply if you’re a gentleman.

Whenever you’re in Las Vegas I also offer lunch dates where fans can actually meet me in person! I have been doing this for several years now and have had a wonderful time, every time I’ve “stepped out” with one of you handsome devils. :)

I will do my best to update this blog once a week or so – maybe even more if time allows – to keep you abreast (tee hee, I said “breast”) of what I’m doing, where I will be and also answer your comments and questions. I am thrilled to have my official website back from the dead and can’t wait to chat with old and new fans alike.

Please bookmark the all new and come back frequently. I’ll be here and look forward to getting to know you all.

- Angela (and once again, yes it’s really me!)