Frequently asked questions about Angela and her career in the adult entertainment business. Have a look here first before submitting new questions.

Q: Where were you born and raised?

Angela: I was born in Southern California at St. Joseph’s hospital in Burbank. I was raised in North Hollywood, and went to St. Jane Francis for school. I had a great childhood.  Was the youngest of 4.  The baby girl. Which by being the baby & a girl…you get a lot of attention.  I guess that is why I am used to everyone looking at me all the time!  And giving me soooo much attention… Now I expect it! :)

Nina Hartley and Angela Summers at the 2010 AVN Awards

Nina Hartley and Angela Summers at the 2010 AVN Awards

Q: What was your first ever adult video?

Angela: Wild Goose Chase

Q: What is your favorite movie you’ve been in?

Angela: I guess I have a few.  Of course Wild Goose Chase is one of my favorites.  It is not only my first movie, but it actually has a story line, was shot of film, and has people in it that can perform well.  Joey Silvera was very nice to work with.  We had a HOT scene.  It was such a turn on to have everyone watching me have sex!!!   If you have not rented or bought that one… it is now available on DVD.  Look for a copy in my store.

Q: Do you actually cum in your movies?

Angela: Yes, I do.  Why should the guy just have all the FUN? I can cum pretty easy… Faster than a microwave can heat up a sausage!!  Especially if I haven’t had sex in awhile.  But if it has been on a daily basis, then it is more like a crock pot, takes a little while….but eventually – Boom!

Q: Why did you get a boob job?

Angela: Well, I thought I had cute perky boobs.  I guess everyone does, in their twenties.   I was getting ready to be the main attraction/feature dancer on the road when I realized you really need to stand out in a crowded strip club.  Be better than all the rest if you are the STAR attraction… so I got a set.  And I LOVE them! They are very natural looking…and feel very natural too!

Q: How do those porn star guys shoot such BIG loads of CUM?

Angela: Well, most everyone is not shooting BIG loads… but Peter North – wow.  I asked him how he did it one day, and his answer was, “Lots of egg whites”!!!    Peter North was my most requested guy to work with.  Yes, all my sex scenes with him are HOT.  (Safe Crackers, Queen of Hearts & Only Game in Town).  Yes, the girls get to choose who WE want to have sex with!!

Q: Who are your favorite current male and female porn stars?

Angela: I have never watched a porn before so I couldn’t even tell you who is out there. You see , before I made my first movie, I had never seen a porno.  Oh, I knew there were adult films out there.  But just never was with someone who suggested we watch one.  And there is no way I would ever be interested to watch one of MYSELF – I was there!! So I know exactly how much FUN I had.  But I would just see every flaw, I won’t enjoy it like you do.  Think of yourself, looking at yourself in a photo or on video.  You first see the negative.  So I just keep it all in that part of my brain….HOT memories.  And as far as watching one without me in it…WHY???  hahaha

Q: Today’s Pornstars lack  personality.  Their sex scenes are too businesslike–your scenes were very sensuous, your facial expressions were awesome, and you enjoyed doing each scene as though it was your real lover!!  Did you really enjoy it or are you just a great actress?

Angela: I really enjoyed my job. Going to work was very fun.  I believe it shows, no matter what kind of job you have.  It shows if you don’t like your job through your performance.  If you show up on time, get along well with the other employees, and do it right…..it shows!!!  And I enjoyed it!!!

Keep the Questions cumming!

Keep the Questions cumming!